April/May 2020 
Grade Learning Calendar Choice Board.  
You will find this located in Files and Documents in the folder titled "Weekly Learning Calendars.  Parents and students are also encouraged to watch the tutorial video created by Mr. Davis using Microsoft Teams.  See Class Dojo stories for the link posted last week.
**Also, Mrs. Krotz has suggested a few new math links for students and I have posted those in the "Useful Links" section.
*Please check in "Files and Documents" for the weekly learning calendar. 
*All links listed on the calendar can be accessed through Microsoft Teams. 
*See "Useful Links" for videos about how to log-in to Microsoft Teams.
Hey guys!!  Mrs. Wiggins and I have love seeing your faces on our Zoom calls and hearing how you are doing!  Please continue to email us or send ClassDojo messages if you have any questions for us between our Class Zoom calls.  Our Zoom Calls will continue twice a week, every Monday and Friday @ 2.  Parents can check our class stories on Class Dojo or students can check their student email for the Zoom links sent every Monday and Friday prior to our calls.
New this month:
I have attached a Math Hunt to do at home as well as an April Math Calendar (both activities have a Spanish versions uploaded as well).  Both versions if these activities can be found in the "Files and Documents" tab to the left.
Reminder -
ALL activities continue to be optional and will not be submitted for grading.  Activities are intended to help our learners continue to practice skills previously taught and keep our minds engaged.  
Starting on 4/14:
the 3rd grade team will be creating educational videos of activities that have been uploaded to our 3rd grade calendar, so be looking for more information on that coming to you soon.  
We continue to miss you deeply and hope you are staying safe and healthy!

March 2020

Hi everyone!!  I want you all to know that we are missing you tremendously.  I will be available through Class Dojo and email as often as you need.  

We have worked so hard this year.  You have grown so much as learners and we could not be more proud of you.  With that being said, it is important that you are continuing your learning at home.  Through our Class Pages, you will find links to a variety of educational learning resources.  

Please find "Useful Links" and "Files and Documents" to the left of this message and begin exploring your at-home options.  I have attached a file that will help students who have not logged in through Clever at home.  When students log-in through Clever, they will have access to our favorite Math website - IXL.

A reminder to parents: ALL activities are optional.

Mrs. Wiggins and I are thinking of you each and everyday and want you to stay safe and healthy!!!

j v

Welcome to Mrs. Alsheimer's
3rd Grade Class Page!!

My name is Jaime Alsheimer and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Minnieville Elementary School. I will be teaching math and science to both my class and Mrs. Wiggins' class. Mrs. Wiggins' will be teaching reading and social studies to both sets of third graders as well. This departmentalizing plan has made for an amazing community of support and learning in the past and I can't wait to see what this year brings.

Daily Schedule 

8:45 10:00   Math
10:00 11:15      Reading
11:15 11:35      Recess
11:45 12:15 Lunch
12:15 12:45   Press-In
12:45 1:00   Recess
1:00 2:00   SS/Science
2:00 2:45   Encore
2:45 3:25   Writing


Encore Schedule 2:00-2:45
Day 1- Art
Day 2- PE
Day 3- Library/STEAM/Guidance
Day 4- Music
Day 5- PE
Day 6- Art

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 26, no eventsJuly 27, no eventsJuly 28, no eventsJuly 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no events
August 02, no eventsToday, August 03, no eventsAugust 04, no eventsAugust 05, no eventsAugust 06, no eventsAugust 07, no eventsAugust 08, no events
August 09, no eventsAugust 10, no eventsAugust 11, no eventsAugust 12, no eventsAugust 13, no eventsAugust 14, no eventsAugust 15, no events
August 16, no eventsAugust 17, no eventsAugust 18, no eventsAugust 19, no eventsAugust 20, no eventsAugust 21, no eventsAugust 22, no events
August 23, no eventsAugust 24, no eventsAugust 25, no eventsAugust 26, no eventsAugust 27, no eventsAugust 28, no eventsAugust 29, no events
August 30, no eventsAugust 31, no eventsSeptember 01, no eventsSeptember 02, no eventsSeptember 03, no eventsSeptember 04, no eventsSeptember 05, no events