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Every Monday and Friday at 2:00pm.
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Hey, guys! I miss you all so much! You can still message me on Class Dojo or email me with any questions or anything you need.

The number one thing you can be doing is reading every day. You have built up great stamina over the year, don't let it go to waste! Read at least 20 minutes every single day.

Check out the "Files and Documents" section of this page for things that can be printed and completed at home.

The bulk of learning and review will take place on Microsoft Teams.

Websites our students already have log-ins for:

PWCS Home Learning Site

Raz-Kids (sea turtles: wiggins3, sharks: mnes3b)

IXL You can use this for reading, math, and science.


MyOn log-in with your email and username through clever.

Read Works (class code: JJJ3HL, password: 1234)

Six Minutes Podcast (Listening can be literacy! I think Sea Turtles were at an episode in the 40s and Sharks were at an episode in the 30s.)

For free online learning:

Scholastic Learn at Home - no need to register

ABC Mouse (Redeem Code: SCHOOL7771)

Other ideas for learning at home:

Home Learning Ideas.pdf

Here’s what we are learning in reading this October:

🎃We started our Nonfiction unit on Sept. 30th and we will test it on October 30th and November 1st (we will not test on 10/31 because it is the tentative date for our zoo trip.

🎃Main idea is what the text is mostly about. You can find the main idea of an entire text or a section of text. Details give more specific information about the main idea. A summary includes the main idea and supporting details from a text.

🎃Nonfiction text features are used by authors to help the readers better understand. Students should be able to describe and use a table of contents, index, glossary, diagram, map, chart, heading, bold text, photograph, and caption.

🎃Authors write nonfiction for 3 main purposes: to give information, to explain a process, and to persuade or convince. Students should be able to find the author’s purpose for a given text.

🎃Synoynms are words that are the same or similar. Antonyms are words that are different or the opposite. Students should be able to find the synonym or antonym for a given word. 

🎃Fiction retakes will be on 10/11/19 to allow for two weeks of remediation and reteaching. 

🎃You will see on October homework that students are now required to use the front calendar as a reading log for their nightly 20 minutes of reading. Raz-Kids (online app) can count as reading time.

Here's what we're learning in reading this September:

🦄Character traits describe a character’s personality.

🦄You can infer traits by what the character says (words), what they do (actions), and why they say/do those things (motivations).

🦄Readers make inferences to “read between the lines” and figure out things that the author doesn’t explicitly state.

🦄We make inferences by combining what the text says/shows (evidence) with what we already know (schema). (The grid on the board shows the inferences we made for the books: This is Not My Hat, I Want My Hat Back)

🦄My goal is to read a book a day. Our “READ” bulletin board shows all the books we’ve shared together so far this year. We are also on chapter 5 of the book “Friendle” and episode 10 of the podcast “Six Minutes”.

🦄Last week we focused on Fiction Elements (characters, setting, plot, narrator).

🦄🦄🦄We have our first unit test in reading on Thursday 9/26 AND Friday 9/27 (We will split the test and take it over two days. The students will take it completely independently and receive a letter grade score.)

🦄🦄🦄I have now finished the DRA reading assessment for every student to find their level. Students must be between a level 28-38 to be considered on grade level for September of 3rd grade. If you would like to know your student’s level, please message me.

🦄🦄🦄Please make sure your child reads for 20 minutes a night. We have practiced logging into the site Raz-Kids for three days in a row. Students can access Raz-Kids on a computer or tablet (there is a free app). The teacher username for Wiggins is wiggins3 and for Alsheimer is mnessharks, student passwords are their last name.

Welcome to Mrs. Wiggins' Third Grade!
My name is Adrienne Wiggins and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Minnieville Elementary School. This is my 9th year teaching 3rd grade in Prince William County and my 5th year being a proud Minnieville Eagle! I am beyond excited to be teaching reading and social studies to my amazing groups of readers this year. 

My students will receive their first-rate math and science instruction from Mrs. Alsheimer and ESOL students will receive phenomenanl language instruction from Mrs. Le.

Get ready for an amazing year of learning!

Click on the "Files and Documents" tab to download the 3rd grade assessment calendar and spelling lists.

During the first week of school, the students and I will work hard and thoughtfully to create a vision and mission for our classroom that will guide our year.

Sea Turtle Daily Schedule 
(Wiggins' Homeroom)

8:45 10:00   Reading
10:00 11:15      Math
11:15 11:35      Recess
11:40 12:10 Lunch
12:15 12:45   Press-In
12:45 1:00   Recess
1:00 2:00   Social Studies/Science
2:00 2:45   Encore
2:45 3:25   Writing
3:25 Dismissal

sea turtle

Encore Schedule 2:00-2:45
Day 1- PE
Day 2- Library/Guidance/STEAM
Day 3- Music
Day 4- Art
Day 5- PE
Day 6- Art
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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