Minnieville Elementary

Welcomes our Military Families with open arms!

Military Connected Student Resources

Minnieville Elementary School is dedicated to serving our military-connected families. With the Pentagon, Ft. Belvoir, and Marine Corps Base Quantico so close we are fortunate to have many military-connected families in our school community. We strive to serve these families by recognizing the challenges and sacrifices of frequent moves and transitions. At Minnieville, we want to make sure every student feels like Minnieville is a place where they belong and a place where they can feel at home.

Our school counselors are here to help you make a smooth transition to becoming part of the Minnieville family. Please contact the school counselors with any questions or concerns you have.

School-Based Military Student Point of Contact

Name: Sarah Basler 

Position: School Counselor 
Email address: baslerss@pwcs.edu

School-Based Student Transition Team Coordinator

Name: Sarah Sweatman

Position: School Counselor

Email address: sweatmsn@pwcs.edu

PWCS Military Liaison Contact Information

Courtney Power

Project Director - 2019 DoDEA Military Grant
Prince William County Public Schools
Office of Student Services
Follow along on Facebook or Twitter: @PWCSMilKids

MCB Quantico School Liaison Officer 

Little Hall 2nd floor
North Wing 2034 Barnett Avenue 
Quantico, VA 22134
Phone: 703.789.3458

Fort Belvoir School Liaisons

9800 Belvoir Road, Building 200
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
Phone: 703.805.9119



Prince William County Schools invites you to view their website for:
Military Student Connect Support


Available Services and Adherence to Military Interstate Children’s Compact

Our reading specialist is Ashley Hoyle and our Title I reading specialist is Whitney Maloy. Their prime responsibility is the literacy learning of our students. This translates into many diverse roles including PALS testing.

English Language Learners
Our ESOL team includes Lindsey Le, Laura Salinas, Jennifer Smith, Shannon Williams, Steven Wheeler, and Kathy Breitenfield. The ESOL team teaches lessons that support your student's academic language development. ESOL teachers work with small groups of students to develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. We collaborate with classroom teachers to connect our lessons to the content--reading, math, science, and social studies--and the skills that are being taught in the classroom. Although we work with small groups, we also work in the classroom to support student learning. Our focus is to help students develop academic vocabulary and language skills that will enable them to understand and apply content area learning.

Special Education 
Our Special Education team is made of Jennifer Dye, Caroline Boddie, Meghan Cook, Krislyn Rohrbach, Amy Scott, Janie Haigh and Delcine Person. The Special Education team serves students with IEPs to support their academic success.

Additional Resources 

Military Child Education Coalition
Military Child Education Coalition is a global, non-profit organization that focuses on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition. 

Military OneSourceMilitary OneSource
 has a wealth of advice and helpful information to connect military families to a wide variety of services, programs, partnerships, and opportunities that are available to military personnel and their families. Two particularly helpful articles include Parenting & Children and For Military Youth and Teens.

The Exceptional Family Member Program: for Families with Special Needs
When your family member has special needs, you have an extra roster of must-do's to be a good guardian of your family. The Exceptional Family Member Program, EFMP, offers many services for military families. Here are just a few of the ways it can help guide you to the resources your family needs to thrive.